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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you are a real company?

Easiest way: Visit us at our facility at: 6 Cromwell, Suite 102, Irvine, California 92618 USA

Do you rent equipment?

If you are local in California - call us to discuss. 949-222-0666

Do you ship anywhere?

We ship internationally where our freight carriers(Air/Ocean) have access and there are no trade restrictions/embargoes.

Do you repair probes?  3D?  Mechanical?  Do you do it in-house?

Yes on all of these questions.

Do you offer new equipment?

Yes, depends on what product.

Do you have qualified technicians?


Do you offer financing?

Yes, domestically.  Quick approvals, Fast process, Excellent Service.

How do you ship machines?

Machines are custom crated for international export. For domestic, they are palletized, shrink-wrapped and strapped down to the pallet securely.

What is the procedure for evaluations of probes?

Air scan, Image scan, First Call among other required protocol.

Do you train on the machines?

We offer training; we have per diem clinical specialists available for training at an additional cost. If you are local, we can offer free basic training at our facility.

What happens if a machine arrives broken?

For starters, every machine is equipped with an initial warranty to give you peace of mind unless a dealer requests “as-is”. This warranty provides plenty of time to boot up and start scanning patients over the upcoming weeks. If there’s a problem on a system, the likelihood of it happening is when you go to use it after transport. If there was a problem with the machine upon receipt, we fix it immediately but again, the likelihood is slim to none because we have a thorough process from QA to QC with a final inspection prior to shipping. Think of it this way – if something doesn’t work upon arrival, it would cost us a large amount of money to fix it overseas so we need to ensure it goes out right, the first time. Our credibility would be at risk if we shipped out bad product, continuously. See customer testimonials.