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 What Customers Are Saying About Us

We have furnished colleges with ultrasound equipment for their new ultrasound program, physicians looking to stabilize revenue with the cutbacks, mobile sonographers with a client base of doctor offices, the government contractors call us direct, dealers out of stock and now you.  If we say we can do it, we will deliver.  All Imaging Systems

"Thank you so much for all your help, and for everything you've done.  
I will be in touch; this is my first, but not my last, US unit.
You ROCK!"    ...Mico (December 2008)

"I can rate you freely and honestly and it is high,because the description of the item was accurate, it has been a fast comunication, I received the machine after about 10 days.  Many, many thanks , always it is a pleasure to hear you."   ...Mario, Italy (December 2008)

"Dr. Allen and myself would like to thank you, Loc Le, and Ryan. Your response to our problems has been outstanding.  We are very pleased with All Imaging Systems and we look forward to doing business with your company in the future."  Melinda and Dr. Allen, Missouri USA
"Thank you so much for meeting my needs thus far. I am indeed delighted & pleased."   ...Dapo


"I prefer to cooperate with You. This other dealer is not of the best reputation."  ...customer, Poland

"I really appreciate your prompt reply and your coordination in your company."  Dr. K
"Based on the quality of your responses, I have a small bias towards you."  David, Massachusetts (April 2009)

"I just wanted to let you know we received the shipment today.  Order was as described packaging was great. Looking forward to do more business with you in future. Thanks for everything."  Sara

"I have received the Unit  (Envisor HD). I am very satisfed with it and I hope we will have more cooperation in the future." customer

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!"  Donna

"Thank God for you and Loc."  Lori (January 2010)

"The probe is working fine, all the staff is satisfied with it.
That means, that the management is happy as well, also since we managed to save considerable amount of money. Therefore, if we need some equipment of similar kind, you will be the first one we will address."  Bart

"grazie sei sempre molto chiaro.ciao a presto" - Italy customer

"Hello Mike,
Thank you for getting me that probe so quickly, I really do appreciate your efforts.  I just received it today and I have a scan day on Wed to be sure everything is good.  Cheers," Jason

"We received your address from Mr. xxxx in Belgium, who told us that you have a probe( HP 21258B 5.5/7.5, linear for Sonos 2000/2500 systems) available.
He spoke highly of you and told us that we could trust your offer."  customer, Belgium

"Thank you very much
All working perfectly
Regards," Dr. A, Customer, Australia

"I made euroconnector myself)))
these images and doppler are revelation,sensational
color +M-mode are incredible
how can I change the probe,after freezing or when aquisition
is on?"
"ps GE is on their knees,I believe"

"Thanks for the prompt reply, yes I only want the scanner to check my bitches for pregnancy." customer


Do you remember me? You sold me the Mind Ray PM3300 vet U/S, I was a vet student living in Grenada at the time. We last spoke while I was there, and we were discussing something about during pictures or video. Well, I'm almost done... I graduate in less than 3 months.

I saw your email and just wanted to tell you how my buying this unit profoundly affected both my education and career in a lot of positive ways: It opened up doors that otherwise would not have been, it led me to a greater understanding of disease processes, anatomy, pathophysiology, and it had a profound effect on the animals I have treated, of course. In my fourth year I was able to take part in saving a cat that had a potentially fatal GI issue, and it's helped me literally save my own dogs's life. I've been able to predict litter sizes and birth times, and so on. The list of good things this machine has brought me is practically endless.

In addition, when I bought this from you, I suspected (correctly) that this would be the only opportunity I would get while in school to learn ultrasound. This has given me an advantage over many of my contemporaries who were not fortunate enough to have had the same opportunity.

I am still some time away from buying a top-of-the-line portable GE, but when I'm ready be assured that you will be the one I call first.I suspect that within a year, I will be needing something intermediate.

I have not forgotten how positive an experience buying from you was when I got the Mind Ray.

I hope all is well with you,"      June 2011

"The ultrasound probe arrived today and I wasted no time getting it unpacked and plugged in.  Thank you so much.  It seems to work just fine.  We'll be getting the other one ready for shipment soon."  Dr. Carol (July 2011)

"Hello Ryan,
I received the hard drive over 4hours ago.It has worked very well. Am indeed grateful for all your dedications,sacrifes and efforts.
May God bless you"   customer Sam, July 2011 

 "Hi Marti and Bethany;
Just wanted to tell you how happy I am with the condition of the iE33.
Two thumps up from start to finish.
Thank you.  

Have a Great Day!  Rick"   August 2, 2011


"Hi Marti, I love the sonoscape A6. Could you tell me the cost of purchasing the Sonoscape A6 trolley cart? Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.  Respectfully, Elaine"   October 19, 2011 

"Yes, the machine seems to being working perfectly!  Thanks again for your prompt service, we really appreciate the extra effort!  Thanks again!  Theresa"    October 25, 2011


"Dear Marti and Bethany. Finally we received the system. It is very nice, you've done excellent refurbishing. Thank you." Customer, Ukraine December 2011

"Thanks a lot Marti.  I can guarantee you its not the last time I will do business with you.  I am impressed so far."  Caleb, Africa December 2011

"I have been very happy with all your help Marti Rae and Allimaging, Thanks a lot!"
Regards, Richard     January 30, 2012  (customer received a new Philips CX50 portable)

"Hello Marti Rae,
Congratulations, your company made it into the DOTmed 100 for 2012. You were one of the top rated companies on our site over the past year, good job!"  Dotmed 100  (February 2012)

"Hi Mike, Thanks for your assistance. My client was so happy about the way you acted so fast in sending the good. I hope to do more business with you in future. Am in touch with Marti about buying Toshiba nemio XG. Will call on you if there is a need. Best regards. Clifford" March 23, 2012.

"Marti, Thank you so much though for all your help.  You were awesome and I would recommend you to anyone." 
Kerri  May 22, 2012

You've been fantastic keeping me up to date.  Thanks"  Attila (Veterinary Practice), Canada June 6, 2012


"Hello Ryan,
Fedex delivered today.  I plugged it works!  Thank you for helping us to keep the ultrasound running."  Dr. Lender 07/02/12

"Dear Mr. Ryan
thanks a lot for your follow-up.  Yeah, We got probes with many thanks.  they are in a V. good Condition.  thank you so much."  Rafael (July 2012)

"Hello Ed:
I can not thank you and Vincent enough for your help. Vincent was great (more than great). Please thank him so much for me. If you do not have objection I want to send him an email to  thank him.  Again thanks a million"  Hanafy (July 2012)

"I am highly impressed by your organization and whenever I buy USG machines it would be from you." Dr. Hamid  (August 2012)

"I know you will be finishing up this transaction with Danette but I wanted to express my thanks for your prompt and highly competent attention to this issue."  Dr. Mike (Aug. 2012)

"Thank you for your honestly"  "please get Mike a PO the sooner I get it the better.  Thank you."  Dealer, USA (Aug 2012)

"Dear Marti- 
Received the machine yesterday in good condition and have already starting using the same day!!  Thanks so much for your expedient help and service - hopefully I will not need to talk with you folks for quite some time hahaha!! 
Take care, Dr. Chung"  (January 24, 2013)

"The Phillips machine arrived yesterday.  It is in good shape and looks very nice.  It also works very well, according to my tech.  I am glad that I make the right choice."  Dennis, MD  Feb. 8, 2013  (Seattle)

"Thanks Mike, you were very rapid in response and helpful.  I will get back to you when decisions are made."  NF, MD  Feb 12, 2013  (San Diego)

"Hi Marti, Thank you for the wonderful deal that you put together.  Also, FYI, the main reason why I decided to go with your company is because of your professionalism and trustworthiness through our interaction so far.  Best, Quyen"  Feb. 13, 2013 

"Once again you have been so helpful, he emailed me this afternoon and I responded so now I'm just waiting to here the final information. I'm excited about the prospects."  Rhonda Feb 14, 2013

"Thank you.  I will review the material.  I appreciate you taking the time to review systems with me today."  DL  February 22, 2013

"hola Ryan:
 ya me llego la parte, ya la instalamos y al parecer todo esta funcionando correctamente.
muchas gracias por sus atenciones espero seguir realizando compras futuras con ustedes..
 saludos, Bye !!
 fausto"   (June 11, 2013)

Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2013 12:08 PM
To: Ryan Cossio
Hi Ryan.  Just wanted to let you know the probe has been delivered.  I'll be able to try it out after our last client today at 5p and will have the other two probes in the mail to you tomorrow.  Thanks for such speedy service.  You were great to do business with!

To Mike Neal
-Wendy   (September 12, 2013)

Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2013 10:30 AM
To: Ryan Cossio
Subject: Disco duro probado
Un saludo Amigo Ryan, espero se encuentre bien, ya probamos el Disco duro por 1 semana y funciono bien, lo cambiamos de vuelta para seguir usando el viejo, que por los momentos no ha vuelto a fallar, Muy agradecido por su trabajo, un Abrazo y estamos en contacto.


Thanks Mike, I am faxing the copies attached. You have been quite helpful and it has been pleasurable doing business with you.  


Aloha, Leo  (September 9, 2013) 


To: Mike Neal
Subject: Re: Aspen trackball
You ARE "da man"!!
Rick  (December 11, 2013)

Dear Marti,   
Thank you for all your help and guidance.  Both Nick and Nicolas did a great job with the installation and were very professional.  We really enjoyed the training that Nick provided. He did an amazing job explaining the theory as well as providing hands on training, sharing his knowledge and tricks as well as walking us through the available resources.  –Shahla and Abraham  (December 28, 2013)

Hi Marty,  
I wonder if you know off hand how to get the studies off the medison u6 and on a dicom disk....I have an external hard drive I was going to put the images on and then using the hard drive, burn them to a cd using a laptop....or do I need some kind of special dicom disk burner?  Or could I just take them on a usb memory stick directly to the reading radiologist who has a dicom viewer....?
Ps I like the machine!  
Any advice would be helpful....
Wendy   (January 6, 2014)

Let me congratulate you!  You and All Imaging Systems, Inc. have been rated into the DOTmed 100 for 2014.
You deserve to be proud of this accomplishment, more than 2500 companies were in the running.
We know this designation encourages more people to do business with you.
Philip F. Jacobus, President, Inc

(February 5, 2014)

Hi, Marti  --
Attached is the signed invoice.  
It is very pleasant to work with you on this purchase.  Thanks!  Suzanne (May 2014)

Dear Marti,
Thank you much!
Thank you for reliable support!
 - - - - -
Yours sincerely Elena

Thank you!  It is certainly different from any other machine I've used!  It's taking me a little longer than I anticipated. 
Thanks so much for all your hard work for us!
Kim (September 8, 2014) GE Voluson i

It was my pleasure to do business with you.
I wish all the best.
All looks OK
Matthew (September 8, 2014) GE Logiq e