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Transducer/Probe Repair

Considering the critical nature of the ultrasound transducer on an ultrasound machine, it is wise to address any image dropouts that may be a result of a faulty device.  In an industry that has a high price tag on new probes, it is extremely advantageous to have All Imaging Systems evaluate your existing equipment in order to see if it is repairable.  If your company needs a probe repaired, call us or send it to us for proper evaluation and testing. 
If we find it repairable, you will find the savings to be substantial.  We have proper ultrasound probe testing equipment and can repair or replace your ultrasound probe if needed.

The method that All Imaging Systems uses to troubleshoot problems with probes is through a widely known, industry-standard process called First Call Probe Tester and utilizing live test bed systems.

Image dropout is the most commonly known problem with transducers which may be caused by any of the following:

  • Damaged probe crystals
  • Connector problem
  • Broken cable or cable jacket
  • Broken housing
  • Membrane lens problem
Unless the crystals in the probe are damaged, it is highly probable that All Imaging Systems will be able to repair your ultrasound probe/transducer, therefore saving you additional money versus paying for a new product when it is not necessary. 

After complete repair, All Imaging Systems will ensure your probe is returned to you in optimal working condition.  Upon request, All Imaging Systems will supply you with the computer generated report from our evaluation.

* Please contact us if you are interested in our loaner program or rental rates.