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Edan D3 Portable
  • D3 Portable

D3 is a basic black and white portable ultrasound machine for those that just need to scan and have a limited budget. This unit weighs 23lbs and has a 10" non-interlaced monitor. It offers calculations and presets for humans or the veterinary market.

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10" non-interlaced monitor
B-Mode, M-Mode
Digital Beam-Forming
Tissue Harmonic Imaging
Tissue Specific Imaging
Cine, 1 Transducer Connector
56MB Built-in Storage (USB flash drive recommended)
2 USB Ports
Ports: s-video, video ,VGA ,2 USB, ethernet
  • Abdomen
  • Gynecology
  • Veterinary
  • C361 (2.0-6.0MHz 60 degree scanning angle) Convex
  • C341 (2.0-6.0MHz 90 degree scanning angle) Convex
  • L741 (6.0-10.0MHz) Linear
  • E741 Endorectal
  • C611 Microconvex
  • V741 Endorectral (6.0-10.0MHz)
  • V561 Endorectal (4.0-8.0MHz)
  • Not Available
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