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Aplio XV
  • Toshiba Aplio XV Ultrasound Machine

Toshiba's Aplio technology platform incorporates two core elements that make a real difference to clinical performance: Intelligent Component Architecture and the Tera Processing Beamformer. With these two, you get compelling diagnostic results with excellent images. The Aplio has the ability to communicate autonomously with its components which enables the system to perform highly complex data operations. The Tera Processing Beamformer technology allows precision beamforming at ultra-high speed with an extended aperture. It can do this through dedicated processing channels for each transducer element. The technology produces a continuous thin beam with focal point uniformity over all depths resulting in excellent sensitivity and resolution. With Aplipure on the loaded machine, it performs spatial compounding with echo signals that are simultaneously acquired from multiple frequency bands. Fast Fusion combines volume imaging and CDI information in one image allowing complex vascular structures to be viewed distinct from surrounding tissue. The Aplio's system architecture allows both raw data and image level data for research and quantification studies. With the underlying features of an Aplio, you can't go wrong if you are an avid scanner of the body and organs.

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17" CRT Monitor
Color Doppler
PW Doppler
CHI (Contrast Harmonic Imaging)
Differential THI
Quick scan
CW Doppler (option)
Fusion Rendering 3D (option)
Trapezoidal (option)
Panoramic View (option)
Dyssynchrony Imaging (option)
DICOM Advanced (option)
Dynamic Micro Slice (option)
Stress Echo (option)
IASSIST (option)
ACT (Automated Contour Tracking) (option)
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Vascular
  • Internal Medicine
  • Urology
  • MSK
  • Cardiac
  • TEE
  • Not Available
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