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PVT-770RT Bi-Plane Probe
  • PVT-770RT

5.0-10.0 Mhz BiPlane ER Probe for Aplio. 3 + 2 Tissue Harmonic Imaging frequencies. Endorectal ultrasound is a specialized ultrasound application and it represents one of the most useful diagnostic tools for diseases of the anal and rectal regions of the body, especially for rectal, anal, and prostrate cancer screening and staging. For rectal cancer, endorectal ultrasound is the most preferred method for staging both depth of tumor penetration and local lymph node metastatic status. Endorectal ultrasound: •differentiates areas of invasion within large rectal adenomas that seem benign •determines the depth of tumor penetration into the rectal wall •determines the extent of regional lymph node invasion

Compatible Systems:

  • Xario
  • Aplio

Manufacture Part Number: PVT-770RT

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