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Sequoia 512 CRT
  • Sequoia 512 CRT

The Sequoia 512 ultrasound system builds upon this proven foundation by offering even more significant, high-level imaging capabilities dedicated to ultrasound, including: • High-density acoustic sampling • Wider acoustic apertures • Expanded bandwidth • Precise control of the transmitted echo pulse • New transducer technologies

Dimensions:  53" x 48" x 26"

Weight:  402.00

Starting At: 

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14" CRT Monitor
Color Doppler
PW Doppler
Color Angio
3 Active Probe Ports
Aegis Dynamic
Stress Echo (option)
DIMAQ Digital Case Manager W/ Optical Drive
DICOM (option)
NTHI (Native Tissue Haromonic Imaging) (option)
TEQ (Tissue Equalization) (option)
CW Doppler (option)
SST Color Doppler
CCD (option)
DTI (option)
The Sequoia system’s SST Color Doppler technology is characterized by multiple beam formation for increasing spatial and temporal resolution.
Convergent Color Doppler provides the combination of mean velocity
flow direction
and the energy (intensity) of the Doppler signal on one display.
DTI Doppler Tissue Imaging capability uses the Siemen’s proprietary multivariate motion discrimination technology for possessing Doppler frequency shift information from moving tissue (e.g.
heart valves
etc.) and displays physiologic data on velocity
acceleration and scattering capabilities of moving tissues in several imaging and strip display capabilities.
NATIVE™ TISSUE HARMONIC IMAGING (NTHI) The NTHI capability minimizes acoustic artifacts related to tissue aberrations by receiving and processing the second harmonic signals that are generated within insonified tissue.
TEQ™ ULTRASOUND TECHNOLOGY Tissue Equalization Technology for 2D is a sophisticated signal-processing technology that automatically equalizes tissue gain and brightness in two dimensions providing consistent
  • Abdomen
  • Gynecology
  • OB/Byn
  • Vascular
  • Breast
  • MSK
  • Cardiac
  • Pediatric
  • Urology
  • Not Available
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