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CX50 Portable
  • Philips CX50 Portable Ultrasound Machine

CX50 system is built on a new platform and architecture in a small, compact design that is ideal for taking premium performance anywhere you need it. PureWave, a clinically proven imaging technology previously available only on Philips premium systems, captures a broad band of tissue information for exceptional clarity and information. Tissue Specific Imaging presets offer a new level of exam automation—transducers are optimized by exam type, providing excellent images with minimal adjustment. Highly configurable portability enables you to study the most difficult-to-image patients across a variety of clinical needs. The CX50 has sophisticated system controls to help you acquire the best possible data on your patients, including many one-button optimization controls that adjust thousands of system parameters.

Dimensions:  14 X 16.25 X 3

Weight:  13.60

Starting At: 

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Supports PureWave technology and high-density array configurations
Multi-variate harmonic imaging including pulse inversion processing
One-touch 2D optimization with broadband frequency compounding
SonoCT real-time beam-steered compound imaging
Advanced XRES adaptive image processing
Continuously variable steering in 2D
color Doppler
and Doppler modes
iSCAN one-touch intelligent optimization for 2D and Doppler
Anatomical M-mode
Color M-mode
Color Power Angio (CPA) imaging
Directional CPA
Pulsed wave (PW) Doppler
HPRF PW Doppler
Continuous wave (CW) Doppler
Freehand 3D imaging
QLAB advanced quantification software
Invert and color invert
Color compare mode
Dual mode
Duplex for simultaneous 2D and Doppler
Triplex for simultaneous 2D
and color or Color Power Angio
Live compare
Tissue harmonic imaging (THI)
Trapezoidal imaging
Pulse inversion harmonic imaging
Contrast imaging—cardiac left ventricular opacification (LVO)
Adaptive doppler
Adaptive color doppler
Color tissue Doppler imaging
Pulsed wave tissue doppler imaging
SmartExam system-guided protocol capability
  • Adult cardiac
  • Adult transesophageal
  • Stress echo
  • Abdomen
  • Vascular
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Small parts
  • Breast
  • MSK
  • Emergency medicine
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Intervention
  • The CX50 system combines premium imaging technologies and advanced optimization for exceptional image clarity results. 2.1 System architecture.  ^Next generation all-digital compact broadband beamformer with pulse shaping capability
  • High resolution A/D conversion with 170 dB full time system dynamic range
  • 20000 digitally-processed channels.
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