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  • R7

SonoAce R7, with its innovative, ergonomic, and ultra-compact design, increases patient throughput by providing a simple user interface and Medison’s outstanding 2D performance. The SonoAce R7 also offers very sensitive Pulsed Wave, Continuous Wave and Color Doppler and, if required, some of the latest 3D/4D functions. Medison’s Live 3D and 3D XI™ ensure that the system can be used for both baby facing and diagnostic 3D/4D. 3D XI™ comprises three innovative imaging applications, Multi-Slice View™, Oblique View™ and VolumeCT™. 3D XI™ offers complete and precise control over 3D/4D volume data manipulation for maximum diagnostic accuracy. The effective utilization of a wide Dynamic Range, in combination with sophisticated image processing features, ensures consistently high resolution images with the SonoAce R7.

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17" LCD Monitor
• Live 3D (option)
• 3D XI™ (option)
- Multi-Slice View™
- Oblique View™
- Volume CT™
• DMR™ (option)
• Volume Cine
• Quick Scan™
• Doppler Quick Scan
• Simple User Interface
• Full Custom Measurement
• FSI™ (Full Spectrum Imaging)
• SRF™ (Speckle Reduction Filter)
• HI (Harmonic Imaging)
• Dynamic MR™
• SCI (Spatial Compound Imaging)
DICOM (option)
  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Abdomen
  • Cardiac
  • MSK
  • Vascular
  • Urological
  • Small Parts
  • Pediatric
  • Fetal Heart
  • 3D4-8ET 3D/4D Convex
  • 3DC2-6 3D/4D Convex
  • 3D4-9ES 3D Transvaginal
  • C2-8 Convex
  • HL5-12 Linear
  • L5-1250EP Linear
  • L3-8 Linear
  • LN5-12 Linear
  • ER4-9/10ED Endorectal
  • EV4-9/10ED Endovaginal
  • P2-4AH Sector
  • Not Available
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