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Vivid e9
  • GE Vivid e9 Ultrasound Machine

Vivid E9, LCD, Floating Keyboard, Ergonomically Designed, 40% Lighter than many other console units, Nice Workflow with Keystrokes •Customizable Scan Assist and Scan Assist Pro to acquire images in a pre-defined sequence and significantly reduce keystrokes and exam time. •Multidimensional imaging so you can capture bi- or tri-plane images in a single beat. •Auto-Align for 4D views that feature automatic positioning and orientation of the left ventricle. •Multi-Slice Imaging that provides a live imaging mode with choices of viewing 5, 7, 9 or 12 slices for simultaneous acquisition and assessment. •Dynamic Multi-Slice to help ensure continuous visualization of the same cardiac structures throughout the heart cycle. Advanced 4D Quantification 4D Auto LVQ: A mesh-based surface-tracking model, the 4D Auto LVQ quantification tool provides you with a graphical output of pure 4D volume data. Utilizing temporal data, it delivers more reproducible results that are less prone to artifacts and variable heart rhythms for automatic volume and ejection fractions. 4D LV Mass: Using the above mentioned mesh-based surface tracking model, by adding the epicardial border, an LV Mass and an LV Mass Index is derived from the same data set. 4D Strain: As an extension to the 4D LV Mass tool, both global and regional strain values are calculated based upon a spatial speckle tracking algorithm. The end result is presented in a Strain Bull’s Eye plot accompanied by Time-Strain curves and Cut Planes for enhanced visual tracking assessment. 4D Views 4D Views provides you with“one-touch” options to view images such as 4-chamber, 2-chamber, APLAX, mitral valve, septum and aortic valve. After an automatic alignment, it takes the full volume acquisition data set and, with the touch of a button, automatically crops away the volume to instantly deliver the view you want. 4D Views helps eliminate the manual cropping and cutting of conventional 3D workflow—a time-consuming process that’s difficult to teach and learn. 4D Virtual Store This innovative feature helps reduce the size of patient studies by using image pointers to refer back to the original full-volume data set, rather than saving multiple large data sets for every new crop view or measurement.

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17" LCD Monitor
Color Doppler
Color Doppler
Power Doppler
PW Doppler
CW Doppler
Color M-Mode
Anatomic M-mode
Q Analysis
Harmonic Imaging
IMT Intima Media Thickness
Accelerated Volume Architecture
4D Views [One-touch preset views]
4D Strain
Coded Pulse
Auto LVQ
Multidimensional imaging
AFI for Tri-plane & TEE
Auto-Align for 4D
Multi-Slice Imaging
Dynamic Multi-Slice
2D Auto EF
Scan Assist
4D Virtual Store
4D Stress Echo
Quantitative TVI Stress Echo Analysis
TVI Tissue Velocity Imaging
Tissue Tracking
Strain rate
TSI Tissue Synchronization Imaging
Scan Assist
4 USB ports
  • Cardiac
  • Cardiovascular
  • Vascular
  • Abdomen
  • Abdomen
  • Gynecology
  • OB/Gyn
  • peripheral vascular
  • OR
  • TEE
  • Not Available
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