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S8 Expert Portable (In-Stock)
  • Sonoscape S8 Portable Ultrasound Machine
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The S8 Expert is a full-featured hand-carried ultrasound unit from Sonoscape delivering both quality image and affordability.  Are you looking for a system that you will be happy with?  It's time to take the step and challenge yourself with a shared service portable unit that actually offers everything you need.  It has the options to be loaded from 2D to 4D, cardiac to obstetrics, vascular, venous, MSK.

The monitor is 15” to provide a large viewing area and provides the value with the imaging enhancements packed in a bundle called the S8. Features: - 15" LCD Screen - 2 active transducer ports - Complete imaging mode: 2D, THI, Color M, PDI, PW/CW, HPRF - TDI, IMT, DICOM 3.0, USB ports, VGA, S-Video

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15" High Resolution LCD color monitor
Two transducer connectors
USB 2.0/ Hard Disk 320 G
Built-in Battery
ECG Module
Standard Software include:
Imaging modes: B/ 2B/ 4B/ M/ THI/ CFM/ PDI/ DirPDI/ PW/ HPRF/ CW 
Pulse Inversion Harmonic
Trapezoidal Imaging
Panoramic Imaging
Compound Imaging
Freehand 3D Imaging
μ-Scan: 2D speckle reduction technology
Multi-beam technology
Advanced cardiovascular kit: TDI/ Color M/ IMT/ Steer M
DICOM 3.0: Transmission/ Worklist/ Print/Storage Commitment/MPPS
Stress Echo
M-Tuning: one button image optimization
  • OB/Gyn/Vascular/Cardiac
    Gall bladder and bile passages
    Retroperitoneal space
    Thyroid glan
    Prenatal diagnostics                                                                                           
    MSK: Muscle and skeletal examinations 

  • C344 Convex  (2-6MHz/R40mm)
    C354 Convex (2-6.8MHz/R50mm)
    C353 convex (192 elements)
    L741 Linear (4-16MHz/46mm)
    6V1 Endocavity (3-15MHz/R11mm)
    6V3 Endocavity (3-15MHz/R10mm)
    2P2 Sector (no CE) (1-6MHz)
    VC6-2 Volume 3D Convex (2-6.8MHz)

    Biopsy guides available for certain probes
  • Not Available
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