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SSD-3500 Plus
  • SSD-3500

Color: With wide dynamic range, ColorFlow, PowerFlow, and Tissue Doppler Imaging, it provides outstanding analysis of blood flow morphology. M-mode, Tissue Harmonics (THE), Color Doppler, Dual Dynamic Display to simultaneously display two B-mode images without color flow. Multi-frequency probes.

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Digital Processing/PixelFocus™
A 100% digital processing technique that allows the SSD-3500 to focus down to the pixel level to provide for very high quality spatial resolution for improved visualization of clinical detail.
High Performance12-bit A/D Converter
Achieve high-quality images with the broad dynamic range and high contrast resolution with our 12-bit A/D converter.
Digital Storage
The SSD-3500 supports data storage in multiple formats including DICOM
and BMP using its iDMS (Intelligent Data Management System) software.
Color Doppler
Wide dynamic range ColorFlow
and Tissue Doppler Imaging provide outstanding analysis of blood flow morphology.
Dual Dynamic Display (DDD)
Simultaneously display two B-mode images (with and without color flow) to easily show the relationship between the morphological information and the blood flow of the region of interest.
Tissue Harmonic Echo (THE)
The SSD-3500 utilizes second harmonics
which include much less side lobe artifact and noise
and provides improved tissue differentiation with increased contrast resolution. This also helps imaging of difficult-to-exam patients such as the aged and the obese.
Small Footprint
In a crowded office setting
space if often hard to find. Surprisingly
the SSD-3500 takes up little space. And with its adjustable monitor and keyboard
the SSD-3500 is easy to use and comfortable to operate.
  • Abdomen
  • Gynecology
  • OB/Gyn
  • Vascular
  • Urology
  • Podiatry
  • MSK
  • Not Available
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