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All Imaging Systems
Ultrasound Division of TEK Medical Systems, LLC

3 Goddard
Irvine, CA 92618

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Craig Brechner
President and CEO

Ashish Rampal
VP of Engineering and Operations

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Email us if you:

  • Are looking to sell your ultrasound machine or parts
  • Are looking for someone to buy your ultrasound machine
  • Are looking to liquidate medical equipment involving ultrasound systems
  • Just acquired a warehouse of medical equipment and want to sell some of the inventory
  • A bank that has acquired ultrasound medical equipment from a default on a lease
  • Are a landlord of a facility that has vacated and left some ultrasound units behind
  • Have a machine that is now dead and the probes are still working but you want to get sell them
  • Do not want to trade-in to an OEM/MFR and want a reasonable cost from a 3rd party vendor like us

Indicate Manufacturer, Year and Probes/Transducers that you are looking to sell.

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