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Ultrasound Systems

How confused do you get when looking at all the used ultrasound equipment for sale?  How do you figure out what vendor may provide the best diagnostic ultrasound equipment for your facility?  How do you plan for the ultrasound machine cost?    These questions are why we have representatives that guide you in making an informed decision that leaves you pleased with your purchase from us.

Full-size and portable ultrasound machines from Philips/HP, GE, Toshiba, Siemens, Sonoscape - just to name a few at AIS.  At AIS, you see a vast inventory of a variety of ultrasound manufacturers offering different models making it easy to find a system that will complement your facility needs. We specialize in refurbished ultrasound machines, both portable and cart-based in order to capitalize on quality and cost together for our customers. What this means is that we take used ultrasound machines and through a rigorous process, our engineers and technicians do the following: test, repair or replace, refurbish and optimize - the system, components, boards and software. The results place a like new machine in your possession next.

Our used ultrasound systems are tested on-site, newly refurbished, provided a warranty and packaged appropriately for domestic or international shipping. When ordering, please specify if you need 110v or 220v.

Don't just think of us as a supplier, service, or distributor. Are you selling or buying used ultrasound machines and probes? Sell your ultrasound probes or system to us. Think twice and make the money today. We evaluate fast, ship fast, pay fast. We're real, true and will tell you if we're interested in the probes you have or machine you're looking to sell. Sell your ultrasound equipment to us today!