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Voluson I Portable
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Description: One word, amazing!  The Voluson I portable ultrasound machine clearly demonstrates high performance and reliability with a top tier manufacturer, GE.  Size is comparable to a large laptop and imaging is something everyone is talking about, it's exceptional.  If offers excellent 2D imaging complete with SRI (speckle reduction) for improved contrast resolution and border detection and CrossXBeam CRI for tissue and border differentiation. TUI on the Voluson i provides simultaneous viewing of multiple slices of the volume data. With this Volume ultrasound technology, you can acquire, navigate, optimize and analyze images in realtime. The Raw data enables views in different planes, you can reconstruct the exam after the patient leaves.  New or refurbished Voluson i machines make it possible to go anywhere, view in exceptional quality imaging and allow you to diagnose while growing your practice.
Manufacturer: GE
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