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RSP6-12 Voluson
6-12.0 MHz Wide Band Linear Volume Transducer for GE Voluson 730 – BT03 / BT04 (Pro/Expert) series systems
Voluson 730 Pro
Having the opportunity to view Live 3D images on a GE ultrasound machine at an affordable price would put you in the Voluson Pro model. The main difference between the Pro and Expert is the LCD touchscreen panel. Still maintaining the high resolution CRT monitor, the streamlined process of image acquisition, the ability to connect to a large TV for viewing, makes it a very good choice for the doctor needing more diagnostic power or just the Live 3D image for the expectant parents.
Vivid 7 Expert
Full cardiac ultrasound machine for the avid cardiologist.  Powerful technology allowing for full cardiac applications while offering additional Live 3D cardiac features if needed.  Vascular applications are a great complement to this Vivid ultrasound machine; carotid, breast, venous and other applications may be utilized.
Philips HD11 PC
C60 5-2MHz 180+
5-2MHz convex probe for the Sonosite 180Plus/180+ Portable Ultrasound Machine